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Special Collections Celebrates 40 Years

City Hall   Ogden Canyon   24th Street by C.R. Savage  


The Stewart Library’s Special Collections was established in 1971 to house rare and unique books. For many years the department was built around Judge James Albert Howell’s earlier donation of over 10,000 volumes of eighteenth and nineteenth century literature.

Over the years, however, our focus has evolved. We not only seek rare books, but also to document the history of Weber and Davis Counties. Since that first donation we’ve added over 65,000 volumes of books, nearly 400 manuscript collections, and over one hundred photograph collections. We also conduct oral history interviews to capture the unique stories of the men and women in our community.

Join us this year as we celebrate forty years of historic preservation through special events and exhibits. To explore our collections, click here and here.


Upcoming Events

40 Collections in 40 Years – Anniversary Celebration:         October 18, 2011

                                                                                                  6:00 p.m.



   Please call 626-6540 for more information.

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