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Special Collections Book Collections

Special Collections will also house materials that are distinctive by reason of their age, origin, cost, special binding, illustrations, or other features that make them unique.  Materials that may be found logically in the general collections of the library should be excluded from Special Collections unless for some reason the book is considered to be of special significance due to the following:  being part of the gift collection of a donor, signed copy by the author, publisher, or illustrator, a limited edition, a presentation copy, or a memorial book.

Howell Library:

     The Howell Library was received by Weber State College as a gift from the late Judge James Albert Howell in 1954. At that time, the collection consisted of some 10,000 volumes of nineteenth century literature from Judge Howell's personal library. To provide for the collections's maintenance, the Judge also established a special trust fund for the college library. Since 1954, allowances from the trust fund, supplemental gifts from the Howell family, amd donations from friends have assured the library's continued growth and development.

Hyrum and Ruby Wheelwright Mormon Collection:

     More than 1,000 volumes relating to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons.)* Included are editions of the Book of Mormon and the periodicals Millennial Star, Dialogue, and Sunstone.

*For additional information on WSU holdings pertaining to Mormonism see: John Sillito, "Mormon Archival and Manuscript Holdings at Weber State University," in Mormon Americana: A Guide to Sources and Collections in the United States , ed. David J. Whittaker (Provo, Utah: BYU Studies, 1995), 223.

Carl E. Andra Memorial Collection:

     Volumes of Major 20th Century American, British and European writers.  Included are poetry, essays and criticism.  This collection was donated by Jean Andra Miller.

Western Americana Collection:

     Library containing works relating to western history and folklore, particularly that of Utah, Ogden City, and Weber County.  A large collection of fiction works show the developmental trends in the western novel.

Marian Read Shafter Collection:

     The personal library of Marian Read Shafter, first professor of children's literature at Weber State.  Included are books by significant nineteenth century authors and illustrators in children's literature.

Paul Bransom Collection:

     A book collection containing many of the volumes illustrated by the artist; special presentation copies of books authored by friends J. Frank Dobie and Jack London.

Special Collections:

       This collection includes rare or special books, along with books that relate to Utah, the West, in-house manuscript holdings, and other specified collecting areas.



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